I've been in private practice for over 40 years and am an international leader in training and doing psychotherapy for the past 25 years. I teach, supervise, and give talks to both the professional and general public on the spiritual dimension of psychotherapy. In my practice I work with individuals trapped in confusion, anxiety, and depression, and also with couples having difficulties with one another.

Gestalt therapy with emphasis on individual support.

Milton Ericksonian therapy of direct contact with the unconscious.

Psychoanalytic understanding of past developmental problems as they affect the present.

When appropriate, auxiliary psychiatric medication is used to control runaway distress.

In all my work my concern is the spiritual depth of inner experience. The therapeutic goal is increased access to one's deep emotional and intellectual resources and to more effective communication with others.

Presence of Mind:
Literary and Philosophical Roots of a Wise Psychotherapy.
The Gestalt Journal Press, 1994

See excerpts from Dr. Schoen's book at http://www.gestalt.org/schoen.htm

Contact Dr. Schoen either by e-mail or at 415.472.2780
Stephen Schoen, MD
567 Heather Way
San Rafael, Ca 94903 USA

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